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Online Lessons

Online Music Lessons

Here at WePlay Music, we believe that the benefits of studying music should be available to everyone. For this reason, we’re proud to offer the expertise of our skilled teachers through live video-streaming lessons. While many might imagine that learning music remotely would be cumbersome, our online lesson platform allows our experienced teachers the ability to instantly share music, notes, and other educational resources with their students.


Online lessons at WePlay Music help students of all ages customize their learning experience and achieve their musical aspirations. Whether you’re just picking up an instrument for the first time or are looking to build upon your preexisting musical skills, our dedicated and experienced teachers can help guide your musical growth no matter where you live.

Students Age


Kids 7+ years old


Lesson Duration

30 min/45 min/60 min

Exams & Certificates


Certificate of Merit

Lesson Type

Individual Lessons

All instruments 

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