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Guitar/Ukulele Lessons   

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Kengo Fukunaga, an accomplished music educator and performer, has been playing guitar for much of his childhood, eventually honing his skills in the art of Jazz while pursuing a degree in Jazz and Commercial Music at CSUF.

He specializes in Jazz but possesses a wide-ranging musical repertoire, with experience spanning from rock to R&B to hip-hop. His versatility as a musician sets him apart, making him adept at various musical genres.

Although teaching wasn't initially a career path he envisioned, Kengo discovered his passion for it and found immense joy in passing down the wealth of knowledge he's accumulated over the years. When teaching, he adopts a hands-on and intuitive approach, equipping his students with the essential tools and skills required to analyze music effectively. His teaching method is geared toward helping students comprehend the intricacies of scales, chords, and rhythms, empowering them not only to create but also to adapt and play along with any style of music.

Currently, Kengo dedicates a substantial portion of his time to teaching, sharing his love for music and constantly seeking innovative ways to simplify the complexities of guitar playing, making them more accessible to his students. When not teaching, he indulges in playing jazz with his trio and engaging in music production, further enhancing his rich musical journey.

Kengo Fukunaga's commitment to both teaching and performing has solidified his position as a revered music educator, and his dedication to imparting the essence of music to his students continues to inspire and influence the musical landscape.


California State University, Fullerton

Bachelor of Music




  • Guitar - All Levels

  • Music Theory 

  • Proficient in various music genres, including Jazz, rock, R&B, and hip-hop.

  • Experienced in music production


  • English

  • Japanese


Kengo Fukunaga


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