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Intro Classes

WePlay Music Intro Classes are designed to give students the skills necessary to succeed in individual lessons by engaging them in activities that will refine their motor skills, coordination, and sense of rhythm. These classes also provide an opportunity for students to learn music with their peers, giving an alternative option to individual instruction for very young beginners. Ultimately, the Intro Classes create a fun environment, where a carefully developed curriculum can be taught to students of similar age and proficiency, ensuring a positive atmosphere of musical improvement.

Piano Lesson


Group Classes





Intro Piano Class


Student Age

4-6 Years Old

This program focuses on developing childrens’ finger skills and helps form a strong foundation for future piano studies. The curriculum includes development of motor skills, critical thinking, basic note reading, ear training, and fundamental piano techniques. 

*This class is offered in-person and online

Intro Violin Class


Student Age

6-9 Years Old

A comprehensive approach to violin lessons for young children, this class builds on fundamental violin techniques in preparation for individual or semi-individual instruction. It will cover music appreciation, technique, ear training, tone production, basic note reading, music theory, and ensemble playing.

Intro Ukulele Class


Student Age

6-9 Years Old

An excellent introduction to plucked instruments, Intro Ukulele Group Class will address the techniques and mechanics related to plucked instruments. Students will build dexterity in their left hand, learn basic notes, and will gain essential knowledge necessary to progress to Guitar or another plucked instrument.

Students Age

Intro Piano 4-6 years old

Intro Violin & Ukulele Class 

6-9 years old

Class Duration

  45 minutes

Lesson Type

Group Class

(Up to 4 students)

Exams & Certificates


WePlay Music 

Certificate of Completion 

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