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Music Theory Lessons

Music Theory Lessons

What is music theory and why it is important? Music is a language, and music theory is all about learning the alphabet and grammar of this language. In order to play any instrument, it is essential for every student to be able to read and understand the music they want to perform. Even if a student is not aiming to become a professional musician, acquiring basic knowledge and understanding of music theory is indispensable. Music theory is necessary to be able to play, read, and understand music scores. Music theory is a vital element of musical education and almost all examination boards require to students entering for higher grades of practical examinations to have passed a Theory exam.

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Individual and 

Group Theory Classes

WePlay Music offers private and group sequential music theory classes, starting from the earliest beginner level up to advance level, and in preparation for the RCM, CM, and ABRSM Theory exams. Based on the syllabus of those examinations, the graded classes are designed to cover with gradually increasing difficulty the essentials like musical notation, key signatures, reading and understanding performance directions, symbols, and signs, basic knowledge for the music instruments in the orchestra, harmony, choir score reading, etc. 

Students Age

7+ years old


Class Duration

 30 min I 45 min I 60 min

45 min Group

Lesson Type

Individual Lessons

Group Classes

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