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WePlay Music Choir

Participating in a choir offers a multitude of benefits, ranging from musical skill development and emotional expression to community building and personal growth. The collective nature of choir singing amplifies the positive impact on both the individual and the group as a whole.


At WePlay Music, we recognize the significance of fostering collaboration in students' musical development. Engaging in collective music creation not only brings immense satisfaction but also constitutes a fundamental aspect of a well-rounded musical education. Designed with this in mind, the WePlay Music Ensemble Program aims to enhance community bonds among our students.


WePlay Music Choir

This program is reserved for our most dedicated students, offering an unparalleled opportunity for musical growth and collaboration. For this highly esteemed program, WePlay Music students are charged only a small fee that encompasses rehearsals, sheet music, and comprehensive ensemble instruction. Please note that the recital fee is not included. Elevate your musical journey and build confidence with this exclusive and invaluable experience tailored for our committed students.

Students Age

7 - 12 years old

Class Duration

  45 minutes

Lesson Type

Group Class

(Up to 10 students)



WePlay Music 

Annual Recitals 

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