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WePlay Music's WeRock Program lets students experience the joy of being a part of a contemporary band in an academic setting. The WeRock program improves students' collaborative abilities, builds confidence, and provides unique performance opportunities.

WeRock is an excellent way for young musicians to play the music they love while growing and refining their skills. Students will explore multiple genres, including rock, pop, blues, jazz, and more, with guidance from our professionally experienced teachers. They will learn what it takes to work together to create a fantastic performance and rock out on stage.

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As an additional program to students existing individual lessons, they will acquire new skills unique to being an active part of a band. They will learn how to play "in time" with others, identify the structure/parts in a song, effectively use dynamics to blend in with other instruments, identify genre-specific characteristics and select a repertoire for performance.

Students Age

8 - 13 years old*

*Skill level assessment required for placement in a WeRock Band

Class Duration

45 minutes

Lesson Type

Group Class

(Up to 6 students)



WePlay Music 

Annual Recital

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